How to build a Web Interface to an MQTT device with webMethods Nirvana Messaging

In addition to our own wire protocols, webMethods Nirvana Messaging can accept native MQTT connections out of the box. This allows developers to leverage our broad range of language APIs and protocols to communicate with MQTT devices.

Today we’ll look at how easy it is to create a web front end to send or receive messages to/from an MQTT client. We’ll use Nirvana’s HTTP-based JavaScript API to build the web front end, and a simple native MQTT subscriber to represent a device. Both clients will communicate via a Nirvana realm server, which here acts as a high speed, low latency broker.

If  you just want to see the live JavaScript demo in action, then here it is:

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webMethods Nirvana Messaging 7.0 Released

We are happy to announce today that version 7 of Nirvana is now available.

Since our last post on this blog, my-Channels has been acquired by Software AG.  This is good news and we are excited about Nirvana finding a home with one of the world’s leading enterprise software companies.

Now that we have become part of the Software AG family, Nirvana is being incorporated into the webMethods suite.  As part of this, the product has been renamed to webMethods Nirvana Messaging.

While Nirvana will now be available as part of the webMethods suite it will also continue to be sold as a standalone product. webMethods Nirvana 7 is the first release of Nirvana which is available in either configuration.

What’s New in webMethods Nirvana Messaging 7?

The 7.0 release is largely as promised in our previous blogs:

By way of reminder here are some of the key innovations that have been added in this version.

  • Shared memory driver for ultra fast intra host messaging
  • Addition of  Multicast drivers for both server-to-server and server-to-client communication.
  • We have entered the Internet Of Things market with support for the MQTT protocol.
  • Further performance enhancements throughout the server and client APIs.
  • The JavaScript API has been re-egineered to take advantage of the latest browser and web standards.
  • We now support WAN replication between Nirvana clusters using inter-cluster Nirvana joins.
  • There is a new lightweight synchronous Administration API for ‘configuration only’ use cases.
  • Batching of API calls has been broadened to include, for instance, channel creation and deletion.

As always if you have any questions about the new version please contact our
support team

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ITRS Geneos reaches Monitoring Nirvana

We’ve been working with some of the guys at ITRS over the past few weeks, as they have been developing a Nirvana plugin for their real-time performance monitoring tool, Geneos.

The plugin is now available in beta form and Ivan Sattergood has written an interesting blog to introduce the plugin: “Has Geneos reached monitoring Nirvana?

Here’s a screen grab showing Geneos monitoring a Nirvana cluster:

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MQTT support in Nirvana 7

my-Channels has introduced support for MQTT version 3.1 in version 7.0 of the Nirvana realm server. In addition to our own wire protocol, Nirvana is now also capable of accepting MQTT connections via TCP sockets and connections over SSL/TLS for client implementations that support it. Continue reading

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Nirvana 7 Early Access: Multicast, MQTT and Even Faster Performance

We are very pleased to announce the early access release of my-Channels Nirvana 7.  Nirvana 7 EA1 builds on the successes and features of Nirvana to offer significantly improved performance, enhanced functionality and additional support for industry standards.

Here is a quick summary of what’s new in the EA1 release:

  • Ultra low latency Multicast functionality for inter-server cluster communications and DataGroup client server communications
  • Support for the MQTT messaging standard
  • HTML5 JavaScript API re-engineering
  • Improved performance giving lower latencies and higher throughput
  • Enhancements to data routing between Nirvana clusters
  • Lightweight Synchronous Administration API
  • Improved batching client API features Continue reading
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Introducing the Nirvana Python API

We recently released our Nirvana Python API; our implementation approach made use of our Nirvana C++ API along with Boost.Python.

We chose to keep our Python API as simple as possible whilst maintaining all core Nirvana functionality. To demonstrate the simplicity of the API, let’s create a simple consumer: Continue reading

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Eddie McDaid, my-Channels COO, Interviewed in eFOREX

The January 2012 issue of the popular eForex magazine has arrived and includes a new FastTrack interview feature, the first of interview which is with our own COO, Eddie McDaid.

During his interview Eddie discusses streaming middleware solutions,  their adoption within FX markets and the benefits such solutions can deliver.

The interview is available online. Registration may be required.

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Nirvana in Market Risk Architecture

An interesting day yesterday at the European Trading Architecture Summit in London’s Canary Wharf.

my-Channels was an event sponsor and Nirvana was featured in a presentation delivered by Lab49’s CTO Matt DaveyMarket Risk Architecture: Challenges & Perspectives. The presentation included  a demo of a very impressive application developed by Lab49 which uses Nirvana for messaging and also utilises GPUs for computation.  The GUI was very slick – here’s a screen grab from the slides:

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Streaming Data To Windows Phone 7 Using Nirvana

We are pleased to announce a Windows Phone 7 Nirvana client!

If you are familiar with the .NET & Silverlight Nirvana Client API, porting your software to the Windows Phone will be trivial as the Nirvana client API is unchanged.


In this post I’ll take you through a basic “hello world” tutorial. Continue reading

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my-Channels featured in e-Forex magazine

This quarter’s edition of e-Forex features an excellent article by Roger Aitken entitled “Improving real-time response rates to FX Trading opportunities”.

Our own Eddie McDaid and Paul Brant are both quoted in the article and give insights into the use of real-time unified messaging platforms and their significance in the implementation of FX trading platforms and SDP’s.

A subscription or free registration is required to view the full article here.

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